5 Self-care Tips for Busy People

5 Self-care Tips for Busy People

In a world where we must always be on the grind, it’s easy to forget the need for self-care. However, it is important you must not carry the world on your head and worry about everything. In fact, your world won’t fall apart if you take time for self-care, instead it will thank you.

The more you practice self-care, the more confident, productive, creative, and make better decisions. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right? Let me take you through some self-care practices you should try.

Eat a Balanced Diet

It’s easy to wake up and throw anything in your mouth, go to work, get busy with the day and forget that you have not eaten a proper meal. It’s okay, we all go through this at some point, but you must not make this a habit instead be more intentional about eating healthy.

One important thing to do to take care of yourself is to avoid eating just anything. 

How about preparing a good meal for yourself or visiting a restaurant that serves healthy options. If you like amala and ewedu with croaker fish, or rice and turkey stew, try some. If you want smoothies – try blending a mix of fruits. Nobody can take care of your body like you. 

Also, drink lots of water; at least eight water glasses, keep healthy snacks around such as fruits, yogurt, vegetables, and nuts. You can never go wrong with eating healthy meals, it helps your general well-being and makes you happy.

Get A Massage

Massage helps relieve pain and stiffness, boosts immunity, reduces anxiety and depression, and lowers stress and blood pressure. One way to give your body the care it needs is by getting a massage. If you don’t want to go to the spa, you can try to massage at home. Ask family members or your spouse to help with it. You can buy oils like Almond oil, Coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

When you sleep for less than 7 hours daily, you become prone to more health complications. It can affect your mood, your memory, and lead to an increase in high blood pressure. It is important to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours to help you be more productive and efficient. Without enough sleep, not only will you have a hard time taking care of yourself, but you’ll also be less productive and more likely to burn out. Listen to your body and allow it to recharge.

Learn To Say No

You should know when to say “NO.” Try to reduce your workload and prioritize your to-do list. Manage your time effectively. One of the significant causes of stress is having too much to do and too little time to do them.

When you feel you’re getting overwhelmed, take a break. This will help you bounce back stronger and better.

Use Positive Language and Self-Talk

You can try writing all the good things that happened to you in your journal in a day or a week. Use that time to reflect and be thankful.

It would be best if you also spoke positive words to yourself and others – “I am great,” “I will learn how to do this better,” whatever it is that fits the context at that time. 

This will help you feel better and more relaxed, giving you the morale to push through the day.

Make Time for Family and Friends

One important element of self-care is making time out for family and friends. Go out for dinner or invite friends over. Have games night, or go for a weekend getaway. 

The year has been tough, give yourself a break, and enjoy life as it comes. Whatever spending time with the ones you care most about looks like for you, be sure to find a way to fit it into your schedule consistently.

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