5 Tips to Improve Staff Care

Tips to Improve Staff Care

A healthy employee enjoys higher job satisfaction, and morale and feels cared for and appreciated.  

Studies show that initiatives that proactively improve employee well-being and health make them more productive, reduce absenteeism, increase retention, and improve their health behavior. 

Taking care of your staff can help you improve your business outcomes and customer satisfaction and contribute to reducing healthcare costs.  

Following the right steps to improve your staff’s health can mean more success for you and better health for them. So, win-win! 

Here are a few tips to Improve Staff Care: 

Prevention is better than cure. 

New studies have found that regular screening from the early 40s is necessary to detect the early stages of various diseases like cancer, Type-2 diabetes, and hypertension.  

Encouraging your staff to take preventive health checks more seriously and providing them with the avenues to do so can help your staff discover chronic conditions early, which makes them easier to manage and treat.  

Telemedicine all the way. 

Primary care needs can occur at any time, and one way to stay prepared is to have a medical professional on speed dial.  

Telemedicine is a medical service that allows you to contact a doctor from your mobile phone as fast as possible. Subscribing to healthcare plans with telemedicine services can help you properly plan and prepare for medical emergencies.  

Healthcare plans from Reliance Health give you access to a telemedicine service that your employees can use from wherever they are, even remote locations.  

Promote healthy habits. 

Healthy habits generally improve the working environment while boosting employee positivity.  

As an employer or HR personnel, you can promote some of these habits as part of your team-building efforts.  

Here are some fun ideas that can help you: 

  • Have some sports or health days. 
  • Organize a company-wide sports competition for fitness. 
  • Organise health talks. 
  • Distribute valuable health materials to help your employees care for their health. 

These efforts can improve employees’ physical and mental health, positively impacting their productivity. 

You can start by sharing this material with them on planning for a healthy year (include the link to the sell sheet on planning for a healthy year).  

Don’t overwork. Take a day off. 

Work breaks and holiday periods can help optimize your staff productivity and reduce stress levels. Members of staff who take holidays can return to work refreshed and more motivated.  

Encourage employees to take their day off when needed, so they can relax with family and loved ones, take a break from the pressure in the workplace and come back stronger.  

Choose better health plans. 

Choosing a healthcare company with good affordable healthcare plans provides your employees with excellent healthcare options

This contributes to employee loyalty and satisfaction. It also helps decrease the turnover of employees, which also lowers healthcare costs in the long term. 

Always remember that taking care of your employees’ mental and physical health will always pay off. A healthy employee is not just a more productive one but also a more loyal one. 

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