ANTHRAX: Symptoms and prevention


On 17 July 2023, The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) confirmed one case of Anthrax disease in a mixed livestock farm in Niger State. Following the news, here is an information sheet on Anthrax disease and how to spot it.
Anthrax infection occurs when the Bacterium Bacillus anthracis enters the body, it multiples and produces toxins which cause the illness. Anthrax can cause serious illness, but it is typically not contagious.

Humans acquire the disease directly or indirectly from infected animals or through exposure to infected or contaminated animal products. The spores get into the body when you breathe, eat or drink water.

Anthrax human infection happens in 3 ways.

1.Skin infection

2.Gastrointestinal – through the eating of raw or undercooked meat of infected animals

3.Inhalation of the spores

In humans, symptoms include:



3.Painless black skin sores.

4.General body weakness.

5.Difficulty in breathing.

6.Digestive symptoms.

7.Muscle aches

Those at risk of Contacting this disease

Animal handlers

Consuming dead animals

Healthcare workers

Travelers to outbreak regions

Prevention tips

Be careful when buying animals

Care should be taken when slaughtering sick animals

Observe the livestock before buying it and ensure it is not sickly

Lastly, Anthrax is treatable when reported early. Early detection and reporting of cases to the appropriate authority is necessary. If you notice any signs of infection, please speak to a doctor using our telemedicine app. You can also walk into any healthcare facility on our provider network to access care.
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