Busted :7 Most Common Sex Myths

sex myths

Sex has to be one of the most talked about, yet least understood topics on this planet. Despite the abundance of information about sex, it seems that many of us are still misguided by popular misconceptions. Here, we try to reveal the truth behind some of the most common sex myths:

Myth 1: Pulling Out Before Ejaculation Will Prevent Pregnancy – A lesser known fact is that the sperm-producing starts as soon as you get an erection. So, unless the aim is to get pregnant, be careful about unprotected sex, even without an ejaculation.

Myth 2: Oral sex is safe – This statement holds truth only for preventing pregnancy. Considering possibility of transmission of infections, even oral sex can prove to be fatal. You must only rely on using a condom for complete safety.

Myth 3: Bigger penis leads to more pleasure – The size of your penis isn’t as big of an issue as you might think. Compatibility of size is the real barometer. A big penis and a small vagina are not a happy combination. Further, knowing how to use the penis skillfully is more important than size.

Myth 4: Men are more keen on sex than women – There is no biological justification for women being less interested in sex. There may be other reasons like day to day stress; work pressure; incompatible relationship, social stigma and mental blocks etc.
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Myth 5: You can’t get pregnant during your period – It’s not super common, but it’s possible to get pregnant from sex you had during your period. This is because sperm can hang out in your reproductive organs for SIX whole days, waiting for one of your eggs to come out. Very Sneaky!!!!!

Myth 6: Premature Ejaculation is for weak men – Most people believe that premature ejaculation indicates some sort of a disease or weakness. The fact remains that premature ejaculation affects nearly every other man at some point, during his lifetime. Anxiety, poor nutrition, fatigue or depression can cause this temporary problem in any man.

Myth 7: If She Doesn’t Make Pleasure Noises, She Isn’t Enjoying It – Making erotic sounds while love-making heighten the sensuality of the act, and get the two people even more turned on. However, the absence of these sounds does not imply that that your woman is not enjoying the sex – she may simply be less vocal about it

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