Good Health, Happy Life.

Good Health

At Reliance Health, one of our most important goals as an organization is to contribute to your happiness by helping you access delightful and affordable. But how important is good health to a happy life?  

When your family or friend calls you to say they are sick, the smile on your face suddenly disappears. It’s even worse if your elderly parents tell you about the latest episode of a chronic ailment they are battling. To live a long, you need those around you to be healthy and happy.  

Happiness and health feed into each other, affecting one’s quality of life and longevity. Healthy people are happier people, and happier people, in turn, live longer to enjoy all the beauties life has to offer.  

A happy world is a more prosperous world and allows people to watch out for the well-being of each other. Not being healthy affects individuals, their loved ones, their families, and their productivity, and hence companies’ profitability can also be affected when their staffs keep getting sick.  

Good Health enables you to: 

  • Be active and happier. 
  • Be more productive at home and work. 
  • Be more successful and fulfilled; no wonder the saying health is wealth. 

Here are the indicators of a happy life. 

  • Good health 
  • Good support systems at home and work 
  • Healthy relationships  
  • Regular physical activity 
  • Routine  
  • Fulfillment 

Impacts of health financing  

We cannot eliminate sickness and ill health as they are important biological indicators of the internal state of our bodies. But one major thing that worsens a health condition is the lack of finance to get the appropriate care. Healthcare is expensive; hence when most people fall ill, they worry first about how much health will cost, then they worry if they will get the right help, they need.  

Barring any major illness or life-threatening situation, many families with average income and good savings can live happily. However, it takes one major illness to wipe out savings. Most families spend up to 50% of their yearly income on out-of-pocket medication. So how can we ensure that our families and we are healthy and happy? 

To continuously reduce the menace of illness and increase happiness, health plans can play an essential role in improving access to healthcare services at affordable prices, thereby improving health outcomes, prolonging lives, and creating a healthy, happier population.  

Healthcare plans create the assurance of tackling ill health with standard medical practitioners and enough financial support that does not impact any other aspect of life. Many companies now realize the importance of subscribing to a healthcare plan for their employees to alleviate this problem further. The cost of subscribing to a company-wide health plan is significantly lower than the cost of productivity lost due to sickness and ill health. In some countries, it is compulsory to have one.  

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This can invariably improve health outcomes and, by extension, our happiness. Instead of fretting when the slightest symptoms of an illness appear, you can rest in the confidence that you have an active healthcare plan that covers you even in cases of emergency.  

If you currently do not have a personal healthcare plan or your company is considering getting one, you can contact us today at Reliance Health. You can also share this article with your superiors; they will know exactly what to do.  

If you are looking for something more immediate, you can check any of our adult wellness packages and set yourself on the way to good-quality life.

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