Our Standout Numbers in 2022

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2022 has been a remarkable year for us at Reliance Health. We’ve recorded so many wins. We are privileged to be in an industry where each of our wins directly impacts our customers and partners. As we round out the year, here is a list of our most important numbers and what they mean to our customers and us.  

2 Countries  

We have spent the last six years building a reliable healthcare system that covers health financing, access to top-quality care, and reliable health practitioners. In October, we launched Reliance Health Egypt, ensuring our clients in Egypt can now enjoy convenient and affordable healthcare services. 

2 RFCs Locations  

Reliance Family Clinics are integral to our business of providing top-quality care for our enrollees with our pool of experienced and certified specialists and general health providers.  In August, we launched Reliance Family Clinics Port-Harcourt; in October, we launched Reliance Family Clinics Abuja making this our fourth clinic in Nigeria. 

1,200 Healthcare Provider  

One of the ways we can provide affordable, convenient, and reliable services is by partnering with healthcare facilities all around the country. These facilities allow our enrollees to access care anywhere in Nigeria. Reliance Health plans allow you to access care at any of these facilities easily.    

101,000+ New Enrollees 

With more than 100,000 people purchasing a health plan, we have doubled our trust with new enrollees. 

130,000 + Telemedicine Consultation 

Our telemedicine feature allows enrollees to consult a doctor from their mobile phones. This is done through the website or the mobile app. We facilitated more than 130,000 consultations seamlessly through our telemedicine platform. We are focused on reducing the wait time for accessing quality care.  

500,000 Clinical Encounters  

Over 500, 000 consultations with Our doctors, specialists, and nurses throughout the year.   

2022 has been an incredible year. We’ve exceeded our expectations and are setting bigger goals for next year. You can learn about all we do when you visit our website at www.getreliancehealth.com or follow our social media pages to stay up to date.  

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  

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