Reliance Health Nigeria Appoints a New Country Manager & Reliance HMO’s Chief Executive Officer

Novo new CEO

Reliance Health is excited to announce the appointment of Novo Abere as its Country Manager for Nigeria and CEO of Reliance HMO (Reliance Health’s Nigerian subsidiary) today, June 1, 2022.

On behalf of Reliance Health, Novo will oversee the Nigerian sales team and interact with Nigerian stakeholders and regulators. In this new capacity, he will also serve as the principal fiduciary on the RelianceHMO Board of Directors.
With several years of HMO expertise, Novo joined Reliance Health as a Senior Sales Executive in January 2019.

He progressed through the ranks to become the company’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales, the position he most recently served. In Reliance Health Nigeria, he was instrumental in establishing a remarkable sales team and driving an impressive sales record.

Novo demonstrates a solid commitment to Reliance Health’s success and is a charismatic leader. We wish him a great deal of success and outstanding achievements as he takes over the leadership of RelianceHMO in Nigeria.

– Tonia Olisa-Nwoko

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