Sexual health can improve your quality of life

sexual health

As an adult, sexual health is considered a key factor in determining the overall quality of life. When we look closely, sexuality should be about a positive and respectful attitude toward romantic relationships and the ability to enjoy sexual experiences free from compulsion, prejudice, and violence. The following factors affect both men’s and women’s capacity to achieve sexual health and wellbeing:

  • Access to high-quality sexuality and sex-related information
  • knowledge of the dangers they could encounter especially with unprotected sex
  • Access to health services
  • Living in environments that support and encourage sexual wellness.

Sexual self-esteem

Sexual self-esteem refers to how you feel about your body and your confidence in your ability to engage in intimate relations with another person. It’s what you bring to sex and relationships, what you do with that, and how you share it with someone else; both physically and emotionally. Every sexual decision you make—including who and when you choose to have sex, how you limit your own sexual activity, and whether or not you decide to use protection—is influenced by your sexual self-esteem.

Most people have sexual experiences that start in early childhood; these experiences shape our sexuality as adults. This can be based on how sex was discussed (or not) in the family, local cultural or religious views on sex, etc. Some sexual narratives bring about emotions of guilt, anxiety, and humiliation. Does it feel like this for you?

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Top Sexual Health Tips

A satisfying sexual life can enhance your overall health and possibly reduce your risk of contracting certain diseases. However, you could not experience the joy and fulfillment that sex can bring if you don’t know how to maintain your sexual health. Here are some useful tips 

Discuss sex with your partner

Keep lines of communication open with your partner regarding intimacy issues, including sex. Do not let your inability to talk about your sexual health difficulties be a result of your job, family obligations, or difficult circumstances.

Reduce your alcohol intake.

Alcohol abuse negatively impacts your sexual life. While a small glass of red wine can assist boost libido, alcohol can impair your capacity for rational decision-making.

Eat foods that improve sex performance

Eating more foods that are high in nutrients will improve your sexual life. Eating foods with a high concentration of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats can elevate your mood, boost your performance, and raise your desire for sex.

Keep Fit By Exercising Regularly

Your sexual health will benefit from keeping up a regular workout schedule. Exercise increases the number of endorphins and sex hormones your body produces, which elevates your mood and increases your sex drive. Exercise boosts your self-confidence, allowing you to have more sex.

Protect yourself against Sexually Transmitted Infections

Always use a condom if you aren’t in a committed relationship when you want to have sex. When you start a committed relationship and decide to stop using condoms, click here to ask your doctor to recommend a reliable birth control technique so you can prevent unintended pregnancies.


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