Teletherapy is how you take care of your mental health


Teletherapy or remote therapy is counseling for mental health that is done remotely, either over the phone or on computers. 

In the world today, therapists now adopt teletherapy as an ideal method to talk to those in need of their services. The term “therapist” refers broadly to practitioners with the education and license necessary to offer therapy and rehabilitation. 

How does Teletherapy Work?

Your therapy session is conducted by your therapist over the phone, via videoconference, or via a specific telehealth platform. You can get teletherapy with specific apps on your phone as well. 

Any platform your therapist chooses should be private and not open to the public. The best platforms are encrypted therapeutic platforms. 

To ensure the session is both conducive and productive, here are a few tips; 

  • Select a location where no one else can overhear your talk to protect your privacy. 
  • Locate a distraction-free area so that you can concentrate on the session. 
  • Background noise can be reduced with the use of headphones. 
  • If you wish to take notes on anything, keep a notebook close at hand, people occasionally find it more difficult to recall information. 
  • Try to maintain your sense of humor; teletherapy frequently involves a learning curve for both the therapist and the client. 

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Who needs Teletherapy

At some point, you might be going through several emotions without having a designated person to talk to. With teletherapy, you can easily pick up your phone or PC and book a session with one of our in-house specialists at Reliance Health to get all the attention that you need.

You should strongly consider teletherapy if you feel any of these; 

  • You’ve been through trauma or abuse  
  • You find it difficult to establish and sustain relationships. 
  • Your sleep or appetite has changed or is disrupted. 
  • You’re not working as hard at work or at school. 
  • Your ability to control your emotions is lacking. 
  • You no longer find enjoyment in your usual pursuits. 
  • You want to get better, but you’re unsure where to start. 
  • You worry a lot about things. 

You need a session but don’t know how to begin?

  • To start your teletherapy journey with Reliance Health, click here
  • Next, click on “book an appointment”
teletherapy at reliance hmo
  • You would be asked for your ID and password. If you do not have these, click on “Register”
teletherapy at reliance hmo
  • Fill out the form to get a confirmation email
  • Your unique ID and password would be sent to your email, remember to keep them safe and always use them to log in
  • From your dashboard, you can book a session, join an already booked session or take a brief self-assessment to determine what your needs are.
teletherapy at reliance hmo

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