The Top 5 Benefits of Using Technology to Deliver Healthcare

Technology to Deliver Healthcare

Using technology to deliver healthcare has made many things in life easier, including healthcare. Many organisations like Reliance Health have leveraged technology to simplify access to health for many disadvantaged people.  

Gone are the days when you travelled a long distance to access your primary healthcare provider or verify your identity to access care at a new facility.  

By creating a health plan for which you can sign up, accessing healthcare doesn’t have to take long.  

Below are five ways Reliance Health is using technology to deliver healthcare while making it affordable.

Digital IDs 

With the Reliance Care App, you have a digital ID that can help you access the care you need without having to get your ID. 

Most people have their phones on them, making accessing their digital ID offline easier. With that ID, you can access care on any of the facilities on our provider network. 

Cost Reduction 

For the average household, most healthcare needs are sorted out of pocket, reducing the money they have to spend on other necessities. With a technology-driven healthcare plan provided by Reliance Health, families can save money on healthcare.  

A healthcare plan allows you to pay a fraction of the actual cost with a monthly premium thereby reducing cost. When a health emergency happens, no need to worry you can access the best healthcare possible.  

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24/7 Access to Healthcare through Telemedicine 

Chat consultations are available through the Reliance Care app at any time of the day. All you need to do is to send a message with your inquiry, and in less than 10 minutes, a doctor will be available to answer your questions., and complaints and provide solutions via the chat box. 

Round-the-clock agent support 

If you encounter any problem accessing care at any of our provider facilities, Reliance Health call centre agents are there to help you. With a 24/7 working support system, you can get all your concerns resolved as soon as possible. You can rely on us always. 


With a healthcare plan that gives you adequate coverage with healthcare centres around you and on your mobile phone, you can access healthcare from anywhere, at any time without stress. When necessary, you only need to travel short distances because there is a healthcare centre near you on your plan.  

Having the providers list easily accessible on your app, 24/7 chat consultations with doctors, with drug delivery very soon to be launched. This helps you take care of your health in the most suitable way. 

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